• 2019 Yelp Realty Award Winners

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    2018 Yelp Realty Award Winners

    Innovator of the Year

    Awarded to: We Buy Houses

    We Buy Houses” is a company that chooses a different style than the typical direct and simplified method of providing an offer and purchasing a property. They differ from the rest in that they provide their potential sellers with an abundance of information to make sure they are informed of their individual situation, rather than treating all sales as the same. This definitely places the company in it’s own category of property purchasing.


    “We Buy Houses” provides a website with tons of useful information for those looking to sell their home or property. Under the “Learn” section of their webpage, sellers will find several pages of content to help inform them of the many different processes of selling their home. Their webpage interface provides easy and direct links each of their nationwide property purchasing offices. All users have to do is click on their state, city, and nearest office. All you have to do is enter your zip code and enter submit. “We Buy Houses” separates themselves from the rest of the property purchasing companies by offering sellers with informative content to help educate themselves on their individual situations. Because of this application of better solutions and case-specific tailored information, they were awarded with the 2019 “Innovator of the Year”.

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    Digital Presence Of The Year

    Awarded to: OFFERPAD

    As consumers, we have been indulged with an abundance of television of commercials, along with having a very unique presence on all social media networks. Congrats to the folks at Offerpad , as they have sure solidified their digital marketing presence.


    For their excellence presence in not only digital but marketing as a whole and branding assets, Offerpad by far led the pack in the digital/marketing presence field “Digital Presence of the Year” award.


    Offerpad is a simplified and abridged website made to provide sellers with an uncomplicated process of receiving a cash offer on their home. Offerpad has become one of the largest property purchasing companies in the country due to their substantial and comprehensive digital presence. The typical real estate process of selling your home can be time-consuming and stagnant. Offerpad was created to eliminate this component of the sale of a home or property. Yelp reviewers have praised Offerpad’s simplified user interface for its direct nature and overall easy-to-use platform.

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    Creative Real Estate Investor Of The Year

    Awarded to: OpenDoor

    Opendoor provides sellers with the monetary breakdown of their sale and compares it to the traditional sale of their house on the market. By showing the price breakdown, including commissions and fees, sellers can differentiate between the pros and cons of selling their property to a cash property purchasing company.


    Opendoor has set the bar for cash property purchasing companies in that they provide up-front information regarding the traditional sale of their home, and selling to a cash property purchasing company.


    Opendoor is extremely upfront with how their process works, and consumers have noted that this differentiates them from other buyers. Because they provide such in-depth detail into how their process works, they have been awarded the 2019 “Creative Real Estate Investor of the Year".

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    Rising Star

    Awarded to: Knock

     Knock.com was awarded the rising star of the year for 2019 after launching their 'home trade-in program' in 2018. After raising $400 million in funding. Knock is transforming the home buying industry for consumers.


    Through its home trade-in program, Knock will buy a homeowner’s house and move them into a new house of their choosing before putting the client's house on the market.

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